After-sales service commitment

My company to the quality of the product sales and after-sales service commitment as follows: our products are for equipment in operation of the problems will reply within 4 hours, should be user requirements we will be rushed to the scene to deal with as soon as possible:

1, the quarterly service inspection to the user to understand the situation, according to the using situation further to provide technical services. We will send representatives to the site for technical service, guiding the buyer according to our request for installation, commissioning and trial operation, and is responsible for solving product found in the operation of the equipment in the installation and debugging and relevant issues.

2, we put forward and the two sides at the meeting to determine the installation, commissioning and operation of the technical service plan and if there is any modification, a written notice to the buyer, by the buyer after confirmation, in order to meet the requirements of site conditions, buyer shall have the right to proposed changes or amendments, and inform us in writing. We will try our best to meet the requirements of the buyer.

3, authorized in writing by the party, the buyer can our equipment design, installation and technical services program, and I provide all relevant product equipment data and drawings, etc. copy distribution distribution and relevant parties, the buyer is not the resulting form any infringement.

4, the buyer consultation and service required, I can send a practical experience, can be competent the work of technical personnel to the scene to service of installation, commissioning, commissioning technical guidance.

5, we will try our best to fulfill the obligation to cooperate with all.

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